The Controversy Over The Gun Control Essay

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In today’s world, there are so many controversies surrounding the social well being of people and their political lifestyle. Controversy can be referred to serious arguments that relate a certain topic or something. Such topics involve many people and do continue for long periods. The controversies that surround politics and social life can be concerned with control of the guns laws, the rights of abortion, issues surrounding the health care and the problems of immigration. Gun control can be associated with the policies and laws that are put in place to regulate the production of hand guns, the marketing and selling of the guns, gun transfer, the rate of gun possession, the modification and the use of the guns by the citizens of a given country. The regulations are put in place in an attempt to control and reduce the rate of crime. The control of guns also aims at reducing the any harmful effects that may arise from violence. These laws vary in different countries within the globe. This paper is going to discuss the controversy about the gun control, the reasons for the regulation of gun possession, the effects of gun control and the benefits that may arise from the policies on gun control in the countries involved.
To start with, it is important to analyze the reasons as to why it is a requirement of the countries to set the laws and policies meant to regulate the way guns are used (Jacobs, 2002). It is a fact that many people especially the Americans love their guns so…

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