The Controversy Over Embryonic Stem Cells Essay

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Since the discovery of stem cells in 1978, (Murnaghan) the controversy circulating around these cells has been immense. First off, let us define stem cells; stem cells in Merriam Webster dictionary are defined as “a simple cell in the body that is able to develop into any one of various kinds of cells (such as blood cells, skin cells, etc.)” (Merriam-Webster). Furthermore, there are two types of stem cells, embryonic and somatic, and between these two types of stem cells is where the real controversy stems. Somatic stem cells are those derived from adults or children, and embryonic stem cells are those derived from human embryos. The controversy surrounding these stem cells centers on the embryonic stem cells. The controversy is centered around the use, development, and destruction of the human embryos. If we look around though, studies indicate that the use of these embryonic stem cells could help more than they could hurt. Embryonic stem cells could be the future to a greater and healthier nation and happier healthier people and families.

First and foremost, it is important to debunk myths and misconceptions about the aforementioned stem cells. By disproving some preconceptions, we can further convince people of the greater good of the use of not only somatic but, embryonic stem cells. One of the first misconceptions is that stem cell research is not carried out ethically or in accordance with laws, however, there are strict laws set by the Supreme Court, and states…

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