Essay about The Controversy Of Video Gaming

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Tyler Koch
ENG 106
Professor Neuendorf
June 26, 2016
The Controversy of Video Gaming
In the United States, spending time playing video games is widely frowned upon and looked at as a waste of time by many. There is still immense debate today on the affects video gaming has on the psychology of the human mind and whether or not it gives cognitive benefits. The world has improved in many progressive ways since video games first got released and are still benefiting people today. Video games have always allowed humans to have the capability of creating a completely virtual world and bring their users into that different state of reality. The effort put into video games shows how far technology has come and how limitless it can strive to becoming. Video games give their users the opportunity to live the life of a unique character and along the way, teach important lessons for the real world that can only be learned through the game itself. The lessons and morals one can learn while playing certain video games include; battling with conflict, reaching goals, decision making, and understanding a sense of self-fulfilment. It is reprehensible that society has acquired a false impression that video gaming is an unhealthy addiction that leads to violent behavior, deprived literacy, aggressive thoughts, and mental health problems.
Today, almost everyone plays a videogame of some sort whether it is on their phone, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, or any other device. Mark J. P Wolf makes a…

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