The Controversy Of The Stonewall Riots Essay

2067 Words Dec 12th, 2016 9 Pages
It is very hard to imagine a world where police are harassing and arresting the LGBTQ community just for gathering together in public or simply expressing themselves. This community had their jobs, families, and lives threatened just for being who they are. Unfortunately, this is what life was like before they started to fight back against the oppression. The younger generations have grown up in a society, for the most part, of love, acceptance, and protection for these people. This essay will argue that the Stonewall riots were unpremeditated and violent demonstrations that not only marked the start of the gay rights movement, but created the emergence of concepts and influences that are still prevalent today. It will support this argument by examining life before stonewall, giving a summary of the incident and the overall effect, providing evidence and explaining why this was the spark of the gay rights movement, analyzing the emergence of concepts and influences, and explaining in depth about how this gay activism paved the way for acceptance, more activism, and protection today. The LGBTQ community during the 1950’s, 1960’s were constantly living in fear because they lived in a society where police, medical professionals, and the church deemed the concept of homosexuality as wrong and immoral. They were continuously destroyed mentally and physically and that is why the idea of “coming out” was not popular during this time(Poindexter, 1997). The FBI and local police…

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