Essay on The Controversy Of Professionalism Of Nursing

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The Controversy of Professionalism in Nursing
Sierra D. Smith
Purdue University The Controversy of Professionalism in Nursing
When you think of a nurse, what do you think of? Do you picture the typical, traditional nurse – a woman dressed in monotone scrubs standing in a hospital? Now, try and add more detail to that image; add her nametag. Under her name, there is a big red label that clearly states R.N., registered nurse, in bold white letters. If you were to add even more detail, you might be able to see the small black print above the red label stating that this nurse has at the very least two extra years of education in her profession, whether that be an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Now after seeing this person, do you view them as a professional? Do you see this person that does everything in their power to help you or your loved one as a medical professional? If you do not, what do you consider to be professional?
I am confident that you or one of your dear loved ones will be directly impacted by this controversy. This argument as to whether nursing is or is not a profession affects everyone who has ever or will ever receive medical attention, because nursing is one of the health professions that “can pose risk or harm to the public if practiced by the people who are unprepared or incompetent” (Lambert and Lambert, 2005). No matter where you go for medical help, you will encounter a nurse. Your nurse will be highly educated and professionally trained…

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