Essay about The Controversy Of Police Brutality

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Introduction Silences can be deadly, and those souls carry a burden that continues forever. This burden can be stopped for future souls or people that have been wrongly accused or killed. These types of silences used in newspaper articles is described by Thomas Huckins, a discourse analyst, that examines what is not said or written in the text, as well as the importances of the missing information. There are five forms of textual silences stated by Huckins: act, presuppositional, discreet, genre-based, and manipulative silences, which will be identified and explained in this essay on the topic of police brutality. Police brutality has been seen throughout history and still remains a major social issue, specifically in America, where people are wrongly accused, persecuted, or killed. The cause of the accusation has predominantly been seen as racial profiling and people doing daily activities — walking, driving, etc— and usually result in extreme measures such as shooting or beating the victim. The number of time race was mentioned is a major contribution to the racial profiling, which takes into account the victim usually being named as African American or a minority, and the police’s race was not mentioned. The way the police are disciplined or not justly compared to the victim’s treatment or whether they were disciplined or not. Whether disciplined or not leads to the public’s view of the police and victim —innocent or guilty— and if there was a certain emotionally tone…

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