The Controversy Of Guns On College Campuses Essay

1674 Words Nov 30th, 2016 7 Pages
The controversy that surrounds an open-carry law that allows those who are licensed to carry concealed weapons on college premises have been going on for quite some time. The way people will have to interact amongst their peers and their sense of safety on campus will be altered with the new law. Guns on campuses will have it drawbacks such as limit of speech, crime rates increase, or a simply misunderstanding turning deadly. The process on which those wish to obtain a permit or license of will have to go through some sort of testing whether that be background check, firearm classes, or pay some sort of fee depending on state that the individual lives in. Who will be considered the good guy and who will be considered the bad guy when comes down to a hostile situation? College students main focus should be on their academic studies and knowing that they are safe on college grounds rather than having to worry about which one their classmates or professors can be potentially be carrying a concealed weapon. Guns on college campuses will have an effect on the social life of college. The way college professors conduct their classes will be altered. Professors will not be able to speak on controversial topics such as religion, abortion, death penalty, and etc. When those topics are spoke on people tend to get into their feelings and start expressing themselves either through frustration or anger or sometimes both. For example, an English 102 class had a discussion whether the…

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