Essay about The Controversy Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Biotechnology is a biological process in which organisms, cells, or cell components, are used to develop new technologies. Genetically modified organisms—GMOs—are one important form of biotechnology, or genetic engineering technique, that is useful for the human race. However, GMOs are also an extremely controversial topic for society. Despite the fact that they can increase food production, improve nutritional values, create pest-proof foods, and aid in medicinal research, GMOs can be extremely harmful; many are not willing to take the risk.
How GMOs Are Made:
To comprehend the controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms, one must understand how GMOs are created. Genetically modified organisms are made by altering their genetic make-up: this is done by mutating, inserting, or deleting genes. The first step in this process is that restriction enzymes cut out the specific part of the DNA it needs for the new organism. Then, the egg cell of the organism has its nucleus taken out, a process referred to as enucleation. After this is done, the donor cell and enucleated egg cell are fused together. Next, a vector will carry the gene to the targeted species’ cells. Finally, the new organism will grow and develop until it is mature.
GMOs and Food Production:
Why would the scientific community want to mutate organisms? One must look at the benefits in doing this. Specifically, genetically modified organisms can be extremely beneficial to…

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