The Controversy Of Genetic Cloning Essay

929 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Do you think a plant, animal, or even a human can be cloned? If so, would you be a support or oppose it? Genetic Cloning has many titles; from human cloning, Reproductive cloning, Therapeutic cloning or even Research cloning. They all mean the same thing, which is the process in which a gene of interest is located and copied out of DNA extracted from an organism. Genetic Cloning has been going on for years, ever since 1981. But, that was just plants and animals. Now today, the scientists and researchers are cloning humans. Although genetic cloning is judged, it is useful to some extent. Genetic cloning has lots of different controversies. Despite its views, evidence states that genetic cloning it is for cures for diseases/ other health problems, research or just for personal projects. Genetic Cloning also known as human cloning or Reproductive cloning can be for cures for disease and other health problems. Well for Therapeutic Cloning, also a type of genetic cloning, this takes a genetic material from an adult cell and is then placed inside an egg to grow beneficial stem cells, not to produce a baby. But to allow a patient’s own genetic material to be used to repair his or her damaged cells. The cloned beneficial stem cells also can be used in scientific research to deepen our comprehension of disease origins and development, and to develop new medical therapies (Rifkin). It may sound crazy but, scientists and researchers state that it’s possible to create a pig with human…

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