The Controversy Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay

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If it was not for Emma Goodman, birth control today would most likely not be an option for women today. Advances in medicine have been happening since the earliest times creating new discoveries and cures. Of course there were issues for birth control, but it ended up being very successful to stopping unwanted pregnancies. Concerns with medical advancement will never stop, but how else would such groundbreaking discoveries be made? The strive for more medical advancement continues today with biotechnology. Biotechnology is the manipulation of organisms to create new products. One issue America faces today is whether or not to allow a specific type of biotechnology known as embryonic stem cell research. The biggest concern happens to be its ethics about life. Since it is unknown when life starts, abortion is the greatest concern associated with taking embryonic stem cells. Others support the embryonic stem cell research for advances in medicine. Embryonic stem cell research should be authorized due to its ability to treat illnesses, advance further medical research, and its ethical respectability.
The research of embryonic stem cells may lead to curing untreatable illnesses. Embryonic stem cells “are derived from eggs fertilized in the laboratory” (“Stem Cell Research Facts”). They are manipulated and modified in the laboratories. Embryonic stem cells have the capability to regenerate and reform. The reformation of the cells can “restor[e] damaged heart muscle tissue” (“What…

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