The Controversy Of Electronic Voting

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In today's culture, most everything we use is electronic. Whether that be shopping online, paying our bills, or obtaining a college degree through online classes. In these cases, it is convenient and helpful to have those options made available to us. However, when it comes to voting, maintaining paper ballots could very well be what's best for our city. I firmly believe that EVM's should not be used for the next election because they are ultimately not as user friendly, they are expensive to upkeep, and votes have the ability to be tampered with.

First off, let me say that I do see how an EVM could be useful. They have the capability of presenting the voter's ballot in many different languages. This of course could be very handy in the state of New York where there are citizens who speak over 138 languages in the borough of Queen's alone! However, technology comes with it's ups and downs. One of those downs is that computers are complicated to operate, especially for citizens over the age of 59, as researchers from the California Institute of Technology found. They performed a survey and the results state that only 32% of those 59 and older felt comfortable with electronic voting. That means that a large percentage of eligible voters may not even attempt to vote, leaving their
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If you've ever owned a computer or a phone, you know how pricey it can be to purchase the device, let alone having to fix it if it were to break down. Just last year I dropped my cell phone on the sidewalk and the whole screen shattered. It was well over $70 to replace the screen, and it's only 5 inches long. So you can imagine just how expensive it would be to buy thousands of EVM machines, the updates that need to be performed on them as well as the maintenance needed to keep them running in top shape. There are better things that the government could be using our tax dollars for, but that is just my

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