The Controversy Of African American Race Essay

1794 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
Introduction The controversy of how the African American race has been treated has been an ongoing issue for generations, but has picked up as of late. With recent shootings that have taken place in the United States, the Black Lives Matter movement has blossomed into something much bigger than a disagreement. People all around the world, no matter what race they are, have an opinion for or against Black Lives Matter. The problem with this movement is that the supporters, specifically African Americans, are segregating themselves from everybody else, which is in fact causing more arguments. This problem has led to retaliation and death and it needs to be stopped immediately before it ascends to an even bigger issue in our country. This knowledge should raise the speculation of the public, and realize that if this isn’t stopped instantly it could lead to further complications. Residents to this country need to take a stand, and find a way to once again, surmount the segregation of race or the color of people’s skin. Black Lives Matter has caused much controversy around our country and by supporting All Lives Matter instead, it could lead to a smoother process.
Black Lives Matter began in 2013 after the police shooting that lead to the unarmed, Trayvon Martin’s death. With today’s generation constantly on social media, it seemed appropriate that #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter is what started it all and proved to be the making of this movement. After the deaths of…

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