The Controversies Surrounding Global Warming Essay

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The Controversies Surrounding Global Warming
As a fellow inhabitant of planet Earth, you have quite possibly heard of global warming. Unlike other debates of today’s society, global warming is something that applies to everyone, everywhere. Global warming is an issue that has become controversial only in recent times, but it has quickly turned into a very heated topic. Global warming is a rather self-explanatory name, as it is referring to the idea that global temperatures are steadily increasing. The average surface temperature of Earth is rising – going from 14.5° C (58.1° F) in 1860 to 15.3° C (59.54° F) in 1980 (Strickland). In fact, the planet is now facing the warmest temperatures in 500-1,300 years (Gonzalez). In recent years, about “40% of Alaska’s ice coverage” has melted (Minkel 17). The controversies surrounding global warming mainly question the cause and extent of global warming. Although many scientists are trying to find the answer, they “vigorously disagree over whether human activities are responsible for global warming, or whether those activities will precipitate natural disasters,” (Minkel 24). Others believe that global warming can cause sea levels to rise, a change in patterns of seasons, and problems with agriculture. These impacts may have a devastating impact on humans and should be prevented (Gonzalez). A large amount of people now believe that “increased man-made carbon emissions are linked to global warming, harming ecosystems, and human…

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