The Controversial Punishment Of Capital Punishment Essay

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“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted “ (US). This is what the Eighth Amendment states. Although excessive bail and fines are intriguing, what’s more striking about the Eighth Amendment is that it mentions “cruel and unusual punishments”. Although you would think “cruel and unusual punishments” might be rare I think you’d be surprised how many cases deal strictly with what the Eighth Amendment prohibits. Attorneys who deal with Civil Rights and Constitutional issues attend to predicaments concerning the Eighth Amendment every day. Still though, it leads you to think “what exactly is a “cruel and unusual punishment” within the meaning of the Eighth Amendment?” (What Exactly). The problem with deciding whether or not something is “cruel and unusual” is it is entirely up to the person deciding. How then do people feel about allowing others to determine punishments and legal sentences for themselves and their loved ones? The most controversial punishment by far is capital punishment. Capital punishment also know as the death penalty ” is a legal sentence to die for criminal behavior” (Capital). Notice though the words “legal Sentence” meaning this sentence was given to the convicted not asked for. Is it really reasonable for another imperfect human to decide whether a person may live or die according to their conduct when in fact the person judging isn 't perfect? Many opinions have circulated about…

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