The Controversial Issues Of Abortion Essay

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A large number of women today are facing the issue unplanned pregnancies. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the world today. A pregnant woman has to decide whether to abort, parent or adopt the unborn child. Many issues that are surrounding abortion make it harder for one to make a choice on whether to encourage it or not. Llury Carrillo, the author of the article, “Do you or do you not believe in abortion”, tries to address issues that women face when going through abortion. To agree whether unborn is human author takes the readers through the stages of development of the unborn child and deciding whether the unborn is a person or just a fetus. Among the issues that are considered in the choice of an abortion is whether the pregnancy resulted from rape, cases of physical and mental condition that can endanger the woman’s life, avoidance of giving birth to a child with defects or severe medical problems, the inability of the woman to support and care for the child and to end unwanted pregnancy. In her article, “Do you or do you not believe in abortion?”Llury Carrillo uses rhetorical questions to bring out the issues that are surrounding women and abortion. In her text, she effectively addressesthe common issues around abortion, arguing that abortion is a right and a decision that a woman should make herself.
When does life start? According to Philip Brocoum’s Woman Commit Murder If They Don’t Have Sex and Why Abortion Is Okay,abortion is not murder as the…

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