Essay on The Controversial Issue Of Homosexuality

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Homosexuality is a controversial issue in many religious traditions. In the early stages of coming out, rejection of religious tradition is common; but in later stages, when identity acceptance and pride are reached, the need to integrate one’s homosexual and religious identities can became paramount. Sexuality and spirituality are intricately linked. A positive appreciation of one’s sexual orientation is essential to spiritual and psychosocial development. Despite contemporary perceptions that homosexuality is a western phenomenon, same-sex dynamics of many varieties are an integral part of Islamic history and culture (Woodford, Michael R., N. Eugene Walls, and Denise L. Levy. 2012). Contemporary Muslim scholars contend that all humans are ‘naturally’ heterosexual; accordingly, homosexuality is considered a sinful and perverse deviation from a person’s true nature. Many liberal Muslims challenge their authenticity, whereas traditionalist orthodox Muslims notion towards the fact that the hadith contains the authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad, the final prophet/messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) (Siraj, Asifa. 2012). Divergent understandings and interpretations of Islam’s position toward homosexuality exist. Conservatives view the Quran as being “very explicit in its condemnation of homosexuality, leaving scarcely any loophole for a theological accommodation of homosexuals in Islam”(Siraj, Asifa. 2012). Others, who have analyzed the issue via linguistic analysis of…

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