The Controversial Issue Of Fetus Removal Essay

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One of the most controversial topics in the US is abortion with almost 700,000 cases per year. Social media has millions of shares and likes about the views of people concerning pro-life or pro-choice. Fetus removal is presently legitimate in the United States, yet at one point in time it was illicit. Although, we have legalized abortion people are still against the fact that women are allowed to kill a child growing in their womb. If a person wants to abort their child that should strictly depend on what they believe is right for them. It is not easy for a women to give birth to a child due to the numerous amount of obstacles that come in the way. There can be medical or financial. No one should be judged because of the decisions they make. So many things come into play when having a child because it is a human that needs to be taken care of. With a baby comes responsibility. Sometimes women are helpless and have no other choice but to give up that child. Pro-choice is the better alternative when contrasted with pro-life.

Abortion was finally legalized on January 22, 1973 by the United States Supreme Court. Before it was legalized women had suffered from depression, fear, and shame. Abortion has been used ever since the 1950’s. However, the methods have changed significantly. Majority of them were very dangerous and careless procedures. For example, things such as bleach was used for it. Procedures now are much more efficient. The number of deaths has definitely…

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