Essay on The Controversial Dispute Between Newton And Leibniz

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The controversial dispute between Newton and Leibniz is a historical situation that has attracted a significant proportion of contemporary focus by scientists. The very nature of their postulations and the fundamental attribute that fuelled the conflict being a priority has been an interesting story to read on. Besides disagreeing on matters concerning the natural philosophy of the world, these two scholars depicted significant ideological disagreement based on priorities when inventing calculus. The main reasons that led to this dispute can be attributed to perceptions on priorities and plagiarism that existed in the 17th century. Particularly, the absence of a conventional and common view of priority fuelled the conflict between Newton and Leibniz. Characteristically, inventions in the 17th century were announced by assembling private publishers and reliable witnesses (Hall, 2002). This means that publicizing an invention was a significant problem that led to conflicts between inventors. For instance, a privately communicated invention could be utilized elsewhere to credit a specific individual in a different audience of the same configuration. Therefore, this analysis will explore both sides of this situation to bring out mathematical concepts and configuration of ideologies that led to the invention of calculus.
History of the Invention of the Calculus
A significant proportion of historical studies on this subject attribute the beginning, or invention, of calculus to…

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