The Controversial Case Of Roe V. Wade

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Ever since I can remember abortion has been a very controversial issue to talk about. Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court landmark case on this controversial issue. This case was the beginning of a national debate that continues to date. This case took place in Texas, before the case the law said that unless you need to save the woman's life because they are endangered then abortion is illegal. The decision to this case made it legal for women to decide. To this day people fight against this. Pro-choice are people who are pro having the choice to have an abortion or not. There are a lot of people who would just like to make an abortion illegal. I am pro choice and thanks to Roe v. Wade the right for a women to decide what she wants to do with her own body was fought against the U.S. Supreme court. Instead of ending the debate of abortion this decision only made it worse. People who were against it multiplied and strengthened their groups. …show more content…
Wade was a case that took place in Texas when in June of 1969 a pregnant women named Norma L. McCorvey found out she was pregnant with her third child. In order for her to get a legal abortion she would have had to be ill and at risk, which she was not. Instead she made up a lie and said she said she was raped, thinking she would get away with it. When she did not because there was no police file on the rape she went around looking for illegal clinics that would do it and when she finally found one, the police had shut it down. Her last option was to seek legal advice. McCorvey went to Linda Coffee and Sarah

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