The Controls Of Gun Control

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Gun control has been a prominent issue that has been debated over the past several years. It should only be expanded to a certain extent so that it doesn 't affect the responsible gun owners. The Founding Fathers of The United States believed that all people should have the right to bear arms. Gun control laws will not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. Gun control is unnecessary because gun deaths in the United States are small fraction of the mortality rate.

Owning a firearm is a guaranteed freedom that the The Founding Fathers believed in. All citizens of the United States should have the right to bear arms if the citizen is mentally fit. The right to bear arms is the second amendment, our founding fathers believed that this
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Although many guns are obtained illegally criminals perpetrate their crimes with legally licensed weapons which would have ended up in their hands no matter the restrictions. Gun control cannot prevent Mass shootings because their are ways criminals can obtain guns legally. “Eighty-two percent of weapons involved in mass shootings over the last three decades have been bought legally” (Chuck). As opposed to limiting guns being sold and effecting law-abiding gun owners the government should help in rehabilitating the mentally ill before such attacks occur. Although criminals are a main concern of gun violence, children can also accidentally discharge a firearm or steal a firearm from their parents to inflict harm on others which can result with a fatal outcome. Parents who choose to own guns should put them away safely and train their children on firearm safety. Although there are regulations for having firearms and children in the same household, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the child child is mentally fit to be near a gun. “a study examining 37 school shootings from 1974-2000. That study found that in more than 65% of the cases, the attacker got the gun from his or her own home or that of a relative.” (“Children access prevention policy summary”). In households that own guns it is up to the owner of the gun to secure the gun and ensure …show more content…
In the United States gun deaths are not a large percentage of the annual mortality rate and other diseases and preventable accidents have a greater risk of death Government funds would be better spent towards other issues, and gun violence in The United States is exaggerated. In the United States money should be spent on breaking through cures for diseases rather than gun control.Americans are at a greater risk of dying for many diseases.“21.5x more likely to die from Heart disease, 18.7x more likely to die from a malignant tumor, 2.4x more likely to die from diabetes and, 2.3x more likely to die from Alzheimer 's” (“Gun Control”). American deaths by guns are miniscule compared to diseases such as heart disease and tumors, The United States government should focus on more fatal and prominent diseases rather than focusing on a small amount of deaths. Owning a gun will not only make you safer but the people around you are safer.In the United States guns help to save lives. “While gun ownership doubled in the twentieth century, the murder rate decreased” (“Gun Control”). Firearms are a form of protection and the pros outway the cons. Murder rates in The United States have dropped because America is a safer place with more people owning guns, due to more Americans owning firearms criminals are deterred from breaking the law. In the United States gun violence is not a large problem, it is extremely unlikely

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