The Control Balance Theory Of Gypsy Essay

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“The control balance theory states control imbalances produce deviant and criminal behaviors, and has two distinct elements: the amount of control one can exercise over others and the amount of control one is subject to by others” (Siegel, Ch. 9-5b). Gypsy Blanchard was being controlled by her mother De De (Clauddine Blanchard) for a majority of her life, until she killed her sometime in June. Gypsy was controlled in various ways and was forced in a world of lies and exploitation. “She was said to chromosomal defects, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, severe asthma, sleep apnea and eye problems” (Dean). However, when she was tested for these conditions and illnesses, her results came back negative but was still seen a wheelchair, with an oxygen tank, and feeding tubes. According to Gypsy, she felt used as like everyone else because she later discovered she could walk, eat and was actually perfectly healthy. Based on the video, Gypsy’s mother was exploiting her daughter for money and benefits from various organizations. However, it is difficult to determine whether she was reaping illegal benefits or if she believed her daughter actually had those conditions. Gypsy responded by displaying the three types of behavior used to restore the balance of power outlined in Chapter 9, which include Predation, Defiance, and Submission. Gypsy tried escaping from her mother at a science fiction convention with a man she was communicating online. Her mother destroyed her computer and…

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