The Contributions Of Germany In Europe's Last Summer By David Fromkin

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David Fromkin argues in his book Europe’s Last Summer that Germany would manipulate the events leading up to WW1 for a war to have Austria as an ally. A major component to this argument is the idea that WW1 started with a minor war in Serbia against Austria and Germany gaining Austrian assistance to help them in their war against Russia. (Fromkin, pg271-273)) If anyone could delay if not prevent WW1 it would be a diplomat from Germany. The events that if changed could prevent a world war and instead France and Germany by seceding more land from France, continuing the reinsurance treaty with Russia, and taking of Ottoman lands.
In the peace dealing with France after the Franco-Prussian war, a German diplomat could help create a long-term plan for war by taking more land from the eastern side of France. Land grabbed by Prussia at the time was in effort to put as much German people under one power in order to create a strong unified German nation. A major reason Fromkin gives for WW 1 is that most of the countries
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World War 1, a war that was motivated by the petty idea of being the top power and all the ideology and values would be adopted during the war to help motivate each side’s troops. Taking all these events together, the stronger land grab by Germany against France would bring resentment to France that could motivate it to be aggressive, requiring Germany to be allied to Russia, to be neutral or an ally in case of an invasion. By keeping the reinsurance treaty, Russia would be a possible ally called upon in case of a French invasion. Serbia would no longer be the theater of war and instead it shifts closer to France. Austria’s war with Serbia could be allowed since with Russia being an ally, Serbia can be punished if the Austrian military can be organized or taught the importance of

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