Essay on The Contributions Of Canadian Basketball

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Throughout history, Canada has grown in so many ways from being more independent, proving our strength in the war, technological advances, gender and racial equality and many more. Canadian basketball is one of the many concepts that has evolved over the past few years thanks to former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter and retired NBA player Steve Nash. There has already been visible change in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for example the last two first round drafts have been Canadian (Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett). Also, some of the best National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) players right now are Canadian (Jamal Murray and Kyle Wiltjer). Carter and Nash both contributed greatly to the development of Canadian basketball, but Vince Carter has been the more superior idol/influence to all Canadian basketball players. Vince Carter is integral to the development of Canadian basketball due to his impeccable record, his notoriety and fame, and his positive impact on basketball that continues to this day.

Vincent Lamar Carter Jr. was born on January 26, 1977, Daytona Beach, Florida, United States, his parents were Michelle and Vince Carter Sr. His father later left when he was in grade two, but not long after Harry Robinson took over the father role., Carter grasped his first basketball at the age of two and since then he was obsessed with the game. Julius Erving was an NBA player who Carter idolized. He was amazed by Julius’s ability to jump so…

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