The Contribution Of Various Major Learning Theorist Essay

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The contribution of several major learning theorist have been examined within this coursework. Accordingly, the contributions of three such philosophers (Eric Erikson, Jean Piaget and Vygotsky) are among those that I have selected to consider the relevance of their ideas to my teaching context. Each theoretical approach is difference and consequently each serves a unique need as it concerns teaching and learning. In other words no one theory fits all teaching and learning situations.
Psychologist Eric Erikson identified eight distance psychosocial stages of development, each of which consist of a set of elements such as stage, psychosocial crisis, basic virtue, and age. For example stage one is comprised of the psychosocial crisis of trust versus mistrust, a virtue of hope during the age span from birth to 18months. Briefly stated, due to the fact that the learners in my context are adult women and men and when considered according to Erickson’s model, their ages (18 to 65 plus) only correspond to the latter stages of 6, 7, and 8. Not only does this translate into unknown data due to the fact psychosocial developmental history is not available on the students, the model its self is unclear as to how one evolves from one stage to the next. Although Erickson’s work is respected in general by scholars an students, this is in part due to the fact that his theory is a remodel of Freud’s stages of development and such is not relevant to relevant to my context due to the fact…

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