The Contradiction Of Socrates ' Plato Essay

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The Contradiction of Socrates Plato illustrates Socrates in two different aspects in The Apology and in The Crito, which makes the reader ponder which interpretation of Socrates is substantial and which is fictions. Precisely, Plato portrayed Socrates with many inconsistencies in The Apology the emphasis was on obeying the Gods in contrast in The Crito the emphasis was on obeying the laws of Athens. In Plato’s Apology initiates with Socrates’ defense to the Athenian court demonstrating his innocence of the charges brought against him. Socrates was accused of breaking various laws under the Athenian court, the most significant laws were corrupting the youth and believing and worshiping in different Gods that the rest of the citizens in Athens. As Socrates begins his argument, he proves to the court that he didn’t corrupt the youth and rather than being an atheist he believes in different kinds of Gods.
Socrates states. “ I, men of Athens, salute you and love you, but I will obey the god rather than you; and as long as I breathe and am able to, I will certainly not stop philosophizing, and I will exhort you and explain this to whomever of you I happen to meet, and I will speak just the sorts of things to whomever of you I happen to meet, and I will speak just the sorts of things I am accustomed to….”(29d) As Socrates continues his speech, he emphasizes that if practicing philosophy causes the court to find him guilty, then the duty of the Athenian court would be to…

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