The Contract With Metaships Internal Intercession System Essay

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The contract presented before Braydon was hard to ignore, making him raise both his eyebrows. To make sure he fully comprehended, he read the words once more.
By signing, you agree that any and all disputes with Metaship and its affiliates will be resolved informally and will be handled by Metaships internal intercession system. Under no circumstances will you or anyone on your behalf take any sort of legal action against Metaship or its affiliates and employees.
By signing this contract, you also agree with Metaships beliefs including its opposition to psychiatry and governmental standards and laws.
This wasn’t the only part of the contract that made him uncomfortable.
“By signing this, I dedicate my entire life span?” Braydon stared again at the ebon bars fixed on the windows. “I thought I could leave at any time?”
The woman smiled as she leaned towards him.
“Of course you can leave at any time. Where does it say you can’t? Trust me, once you know more about our beliefs, our philosophy, you won’t want to follow anything else. You won’t fall for the lies that the world tells you anymore. You’ll be enlightened whether you stay here or not. We ask so little of you but will give you so much in return.”
Although he had doubts, his hand unconsciously sprung to life and signed the dotted line with a shaky signature.
“I knew you’d come round, Mr Thomas.” The woman smiled, her red lips parting on her flawlessly ivory face. “Now, we just need to unblock your mind.”
“Unblock my…

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