The Contraceptive Plan B Pill Essay

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The contraceptive Plan B pill has been the main source of controversy since the approval of the FDA decision to make it available over the counter with no age restrictions back in 2013. Many women across the United States have to deal with unplanned pregnancies each year, and most deciding whether or not they should continue with the pregnancy or end it. The Food & Drug Administration along with the United States Department of Health authorized a highly ‘morning-after pill or more known to as Plan B. Plan B is available upon without a doctor 's prescription to girls over the age of fifteen. The process of the pill was never easy nor smooth as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) spent long dreadful years wrangling before upon approval of the pill. It also needed an additional three years to allow Congress to enact the legislative measure to ensure the medication is legit. The pill Plan B can be used safely by young adolescent women without the supervision by a professional practitioner to prescribe or administer the drug. Teen Pregnancy
We as a country have the highest rate of pregnancies, abortions, and childbirths among teenagers compared to the other industrialized countries. Also, we spend about an unbelievable 9.4 billion dollars a year on teen pregnancies (National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy). Not only does teen pregnancy causes problems for the child and mother, and taxpayers, but the mother raising the child suffer too. Teens…

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