The Context of Decision Making at Whole Foods Market Essay

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The Context of Decision Making at Whole Foods Market
Case 1
Wayne Davis

Question 1: How would you describe the merchandising and operational decisions made by Whole Foods Market in terms of the rational, bounded rationality, and garbage can models of decision making?

According to Nelson & Quick (2006), “The success of any organization depends on managers’ abilities to make effective. An effective decision is timely, is acceptable to the individuals affected by it, and meets the desired objective”. Whole Foods Market employs the use of self directed teams that are empowered to make decisions. Each regional structure of Whole Foods Market has its own decentralized process of making decisions at its stores. In other words decisions
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This has been effective for me in that my team feels that they are all valued members, their input is valuable, and they will benefit from the decision in some form. I have senior and junior members on my team and each is treated fairly and with respect. In utilizing this method of participation as managers we must be careful not to develop groupthink in our team. We must be careful that the team doesn’t get the one mind approach and other alternatives are excluded from the decision-making process. Whole Foods Market approaches their decision making process in a similar fashion. The self directed teams are employee inclusive in the decision making process. They are empowered to make their own decisions. Each member of the team is a valued member and input is encouraged by all.

Question 3: How does Whole Foods Market incorporate ethical considerations into its decision making?

According to Verweij, (1999) ethics is defined as “The systematic reflection of morals”. Also, Verweij, Gerard & Tanercan, (1999) states “Morals may be described as the set of standards and values, of manners and customs in a certain group of people at a particular time. A standard is a rule or guideline for behavior. A value is the objective of a standard”. The Whole Foods Market Mission Statement, Vision, and Declaration of Interdependence, and Core Values capture the emphasis of making ethical decisions. They are the standards for behavior at the Whole

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