The Content Within William Cullen Bryant 's Song Of Myself Essay

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The content within each of William Cullen Bryant’s and Walt Whitman’s works significantly differ from each other, but both authors use imagery to describe their points. Bryant was a Romantic poet who mainly used a more formal style of writing, with one of his most famous works being “Thanatopsis”. “Thanatopsis” is best described as a poem on death, and talks about the essence of living and of nature. Whitman was a mix between transcendentalism and realism, who used a conversationalist form of diction in order to proclaim the importance of humanity. One important work of Whitman was his “Song of Myself”, talks about himself and about his ideas about the world, with strong transcendentalist influences evident. Another important poem by Whitman is “A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknown”, which is a seemingly simple poem about life in a rank of the army during the Civil War as it continues to march through a town, instilling realist type of writing. Although Bryant describes the importance of nature while Whitman discusses the broad spectrum of humanity, both authors manage to effectively display their point using imagery. Bryant essentially discusses the significance of nature for humanity, while Whitman comments of the actions of humanity within each of their respective poems. Bryant, within his romantic poem of “Thanatopsis”, describes the positive effect that nature has on the human soul. For example, in the very beginning of his poem, Bryant that “To him…

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