The Contemporary Issue Of Substance Misuse Essays

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The contemporary issue of substance misuse will be explored through modern literature with conclusions drawn on the role of Psychology as a body of knowledge in understanding the topic. It is generally agreed that substance misuse is the overindulgence of substances, beside food, that has the potential to disrupt the functioning of the mind and body. (Al-Kandari, Yacoub,& Omu 2001). Attention will be made towards substance availability and social acceptability, while discussing social scientific perspectives and the implications upon individuals and society.

The availability of licit substances in retail outlets are an implication to individuals, particularly if it leads to more harmful substance abuse through the gateway effect. The sociocultural approach of Gateway theory implies that those who actively abuse licit substances are more likely to abuse harmful, illegal substances later in life (Kirby & Barry 2012, Abdel-Ghany and Wang 2003). A study by Mayet et al (2011) showed a sequential relationship between early tobacco abuse and development into marijuana use. The study supports the progression of licit to illicit substance abuse, and outlines the individual consequences of the gateway effect. Illicit substance abuse may lead to death through overdose by substances such as cocaine, or serious mental health implications for individuals. A solution may be to increase the prices of licit substances to theoretically restrict access to licit substances and maintain the…

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