Essay on The Contemporary Example Of Google Inc.

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Creativity and innovation are more often focused on as an individual trait. However, creativity and innovation are considered as the backbone of organizations. In current competitive environments, it becomes more than necessary for the organizations to focus on ways to improve creativity and innovation. Improving the organizational culture in order to improve creativity and innovation becomes imperative in this context (Amabile et al, 1996). The essay argues that current organizations have to focus on a workplace culture that would improve both. The types and requirements of organizations culture and structure that would be required are discussed. The contemporary example of Google Inc. and its approach to using organizational culture in order to become more creative and innovative is discussed.
Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are both different terms. Creativity can be described as an ability or capability for the individual or an organization to produce work that is novel as a product or in its implementation. It is more often an implementation of a new idea, researched and developed by studying a new market, a niche of customers in an existing market or an opportunity. Bringing creativity to the organization is something very challenging and it is because in organizations a new idea cannot be implemented without the support in the form of technology, customer support, skilled employees support, finances and more. Innovation is that process by which…

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