The Contemporary Criminal Justice System Essay

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Criminal justice can be traced back throughout history. Through research of the Middle Ages it has been discovered that there was even a sort of criminal justice system back during this time period (Siegel, Worrall 2016 p. 88). Through the evolution of the human race; there has also bene an evolution in crime. With this the criminal justice system has had to evolve to become a deterrent and a judge for the society issues at hand. Throughout time the criminal justice field of work has had to learn to obtain the criminal justice system and criminal justice policies that are in place today. The contemporary criminal justice system symbolizes protection and order in society. The contemporary criminal justice is composed of three main components which are the police, the jurisdiction, and sentencing. The term itself “The contemporary criminal justice system” stands for a sound community protection service that it is here to protect its citizens through patrolling the area through law enforcement, making any and all perpetrators accountable through the court system, and making sure that convicted criminals are sentenced are imposed and are carried out in correctional facilities or other means. The first component of the criminal justice system is the law enforcement. Touching back some form of a police system has been in effect since the Middle Ages. The evolution of policing began here. There was no set police force in place during this time period. It was more of a group of…

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