Essay on The Contemporary Artist : Rita Ackermann

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The contemporary artist, Rita Ackermann, was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1968. As she got older, she trained at the University of Fine Arts Budapest from 1989 until 1992. After studied there, Rita then moved to New York City to study at The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture. As an artist, she has had 24 sole exhibitions and has been in ___ exhibitions. Her artwork always has a deeper meaning behind the painting itself. She creates these paintings in a visually appealing way. Rita currently lives and works on her art in New York City where she finds inspiration for her drawings depicting the liberation of the female form. Inspired by literature, film, and philosophy, she has drawn extensively on her perspective as a European artist immersed in American cultural vernacular to create a diverse body of work that ranges from expressionism to abstraction.
The painting Wiped Out Heroines, made in 2014 with acrylic, chalk, and spray paint on canvas, is a picture of 4 girls who look deeply upset, yet its almost being erased or smeared as if the painting is being interrupted. In an interview, Rita was asked why she chose such a sensitive material as chalk for this work and she said, “Because it is fragile. Everything is fragile. Chalk isn’t meant to last and has no importance as a material. Its sole propose is to be erased after it has done the work.” Rita also said, “This painting is about disappearance – getting rid of something violently that I don’t want…

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