Essay about The Contagion Of Cortes And Velasquez

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Upon arriving in Hispaniola he preceded to colonize the island immediately. Therefore, Cortés equally sought the value of Velasquez spirit and mimicked the desire of leadership. The fallout of Cortés and Velasquez can be told with many versions. Cortés’s refusal of marriage to a sister of the wife of Diego Velasquez landed him exiled from the land he had helped establish. Hernando was incarcerated and placed on a ship back to Spain under the order of Governor Velasquez. Following multiple escapes attempts and plans, the order of peace was given to form a truce between Velasquez and Cortés. Governor Velasquez had insecurities of a plan of overthrown government. The Governor was unable to conquer the vast capacity for adventure and recognition that Cortés sought. Prosperity was the primary concern for the explorers in the new land and would seek that at any cost.
Gold was the magnet which drew the Spanish conquistadors to the New World. It had been located nowhere in the time spent by the Spanish and was not to found easily or gathered in the amount that was expected. 16th Century exploration thrived in finding lands of mystery. For this purpose, all the new lands lacked any tangible evidence of treasure and gold to return. The possibilities of what might be discovered at any time of any day can be contributed to pure luck. Navigators of the sea discovered islands, coasts, mountain ranges, forests, and trade of gold and pearl for Spanish trinkets by native…

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