The Consumption Of Unhealthy Foods Essay

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The consumption of unhealthy foods and the lack of physical activity in America have increased drastically since the 1970s, creating health related issues or in the worst case, causing death. As the years go by, Americans have become more dependant on their cars, therefore less people walk to the places they need to go. Also, kids would come home everyday and find a freshly cooked meal, whereas now students go to the nearest fast food restaurant and purchase processed food. This eventually caused a huge increase in business for restaurants, and because of the demand, companies created larger sizes for drinks and meals furthering the effects of this epidemic. It does not help to fix the problem when these foods are made so quickly and cost very little. Additionally, the lack of exercise and the excessive amounts of unhealthy foods that Americans consume have caused America to become the most obese nation. If people continue to live in this manner, then they will have to face obesity related diseases. Today’s generation may be able to change the lifestyle choices that future generations make by opening up more health facilities, subsidizing the price of vegetables, and educating this generation on the danger of unhealthy living.
Even though there are many factors that contribute to this epidemic, one of the biggest causes is physical inactivity. The online article, Physical Activity and Adults, by the World Health Organization, emphasizes the importance of physical activity…

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