Genetically Modified Foods Business Analysis

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Today genetically modified food is a big part of the daily diet in America. These foods bring in great amounts of revenue. However the health risk associated with the consumption of these GMO’s is greater than any amount of money made. GMO’s are any substances that have been genetically altered or had the DNA changed in any way. (Forman 2010) The FDA (Food and drug administration) normally has a strict policy when it comes to the production and sale of foods. (Bain and Dandachi 2014) The effects associated with the consumption of these GMO’s should evoke higher restrictions on the sale of these foods. The chemicals used to alter these foods are harmful and in some cases toxic.
Background and Literary Analysis
Consumption of these products has been known to cause a transfer of modified DNA into the body. In extreme cases insecticide can be found in the blood stream of a women and their offspring after consuming copious amounts of modified foods. An increase in chronic illnesses, food allergies, and disorders such as autism, obesity, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems has also been reported. GMO’s have shown an
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The FDA has policies set in place to ensure that the food being produced is within the health code to prevent poisoning or causing an outbreak of food born illness ("Laws, Regulations, Policies and Procedures for Drug Applications"2016). I would also like to know what the risk factors of the chemicals used to modify the DNA of this product. Other researchers question how effective this practice is. They also question the long-term effects that these products have on the body over time. When consuming large quantities of GMO’s the toxicity level is dramatically increased. I would like to investigate how easy it is to unknowingly consume a lethal amount of toxins from the food alone (BREDAHL

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