The Consumption Of Bottled Water Essay examples

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The consumption of bottled water has been growing constantly over the last decade, even in countries where tap water quality is considered excellent. This paper discusses some of the reasons why people decide for an option that is often more expensive than tap water. The author will address problem with customers ' concerns over taste and odor from tap water, and effective marketing campaigns claiming that bottled water is clean and safe. The research paper provides a cost comparison of bottled water vs. tap water, points out the environmental and cost impacts of the glass or plastic containers used to bottle water, and discusses the quality of bottled water vs. tap water.

The decision between drinking tap water or bottled water isn’t as easy as one might think. Those two options isn’t really significantly safer than the other. To make sure we have the best quality, United States government controls both tap and bottled water. For bottled water, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees labeling and content, while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes rules for tap water. That means that in most scenarios, the water that everyone drinks will not have frequent contaminants, such as pesticides, microorganisms, chemicals and heavy metals. There are numerous reasons to choose tap water over bottled water. Convenience is the most well known reason. We can turn on a sink and have drinkable water whenever we want to. Restaurants also serve tap water which is…

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