The Consumption Of Animal And Plant Proteins Essay

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However, the consumption of animal and plant proteins in the diet is important depending on how active an individual is during the day. Animal and plant proteins should be consumed in the diet in a ratio of 1 to 1 in order to maintain a balanced diet.
4. How does creatine work? What is a safe amount? Creatine is regarded as an important supplement for any individual who wants to develop muscle since it is a mixture of amino acids. Actually, creatine is a mixture of three varying amino acids i.e. methionine, glycine, and arginine. Upon entry into the body, creatine works through binding a phosphate molecule in order to create creatine phosphate. This creatine phosphate provides its phosphate to adenine Di-phosphate (ADP) in order to recreate ATP. Through returning to ADP to ATP, creating increases ATP stores in the body and enables an individual to train harder and for prolonged duration of time. Therefore, increasing ATP stores through creatine phosphate give an individual or athlete more energy for workouts. The emerging concerns regarding the safety of creatine has contributed to the need to consider a safe amount of creatine. A safe amount of creatine in the body is less than 20 grams of creatine daily.
6. How can Glucose-electrolyte solutions (GES) and Glucose polymer solutions (GPS) work to enhance performance in the heat? What is an effective formulation for these solutions? Glucose-electrolyte solutions (GES) and Glucose polymer solutions (GPS) are important…

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