The Construction Of An Logistic Infrastructure For The Most Important River Of Colombia

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Good afternoon,

The project i am going to describe is a project that is now being developed in Colombia. The project is about the construction of an logistic infrastructure for the most important river of Colombia so the trade and transportation between the cities increase and can eventually boost the regional economies. It is an ambitious project since it is aiming to increase the amount of merchandise and materials being transported on the river. The current status of the project is on hold since it started to exposed some important flaws in its documentation and many of the stakeholders showed concern and raise questions of the project viability.As i search for a failed project i read an interview of one of the most respected engineers of Colombia and he actually describe specifically why the project was a big failure and the reasons why of his prediction.

He explained that the project was not viable because it didn 't meet the technical requirements and the design of it was poorly elaborated. He also claims that the project objectives are unclear and unrealistic. The estimations and expectations for the project do no fir or adjust the reality of the current situation. Now the river is being used for chemicals and oil transportation , which is 85% of its totals usage. The transportation of this chemicals is not only dangerous for the environment but also for the human being so any increase of its transportation it can eventually provoke a environmental disaster. In…

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