Essay on The Construction Of A Bridge

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The act of bridge building has changed the course of the world. Without bridges we wouldn’t be able to cross large bodies of water that previously prevented us from growing as a nation and expanding into worlds we once thought was held back from us. The construction of a bridge does more than link two pieces of land together. It exemplifies the notion that we will not be held back by the power of mother nature. While also changeling us to expand into realms through creativity and reason. The construction of a bridge must be done through the application of math, science and morals. Never cutting corners due to money and personal interest, which sometimes can result in a deadly disaster.
The role of any engineer is to build and expand without brining harm. To form an unquestionable role with society throughout their entire professional career. We are hired to make life easier, and formulate innovations that will change the course of the world. With such a high earned pedisoul every engineer is placed on their work stems more than just crunching number into place. A great deal of moral responsibility must be taken into consideration. The braches of our ideas will affect lives for generations to come in either a positive or negative light.
The construction of the Tacoma narrows bridge unfortunately will land first on a countdown of engineering disasters on the history channel. The construction of the bridge over the Puget sound in the state of Washington was built on July,…

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