The Constraint Of Gender Inequality Essay

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The constraint of gender inequality in leisure participation

Leisure activities becomes more popular in recent decades. People participate leisure activities to enjoy life and reduce pressure. Different people participate in different ways which related to a number of factors, such as their social status, cultural background, health and personal preference. The factors prevents people to join the leisure activities are known as constraints of leisure participation. Remarkably, gender as a constraint plays a significant role in leisure participation, which a lot of scholars focus on. Specifically, gender inequality can split into three aspects. One is woman, woman suffers inequality in the society and lead to unequal opportunities for leisure participation, this will explain with link to Feminism. One is man, man owns higher status with larger power what can connect to Masculinity and Patriarchy, this means they have more choices to participate leisure activities. Another one is ethic of care, which means woman consider more on empathy and compassion, they will take care of other people first (Richard.K 1996). This can neglect their own leisure needs.(Henderson&Allen 1991) Thus, to analyze that gender is a constraint to affect leisure participation, this essay will discuss three major parts of gender constraint for leisure with reasonable evaluations.

First of all, the definition of gender should be clearly to understand. According to the lecture, which indicates gender is…

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