The Constitutionality Of The Supreme Court Essay

767 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Since 1789 when the first Supreme Court was established and the six Justices were neatly chosen, every Justice have been allowed to serve on the bench until either voluntary retirement, impeachment, or death. Throughout history life tenure for the Supreme Court has been proven lucrative and the sudden passing of Justice Antonin Scalia in February stemmed then proposal of term limits to strengthen the ideological orientation of the Supreme Court (Cohen, 2016).
A main concern with lifetime terms is the age of the justices. Having a grey bench causes a multitude of dire straits, including overtly partisan with time, less mentally sharp, and more out of touch with young American citizens. The argument to shield justices from the political pressures of the day is irrelevant and modernizing the supreme court would benefit the nation as a whole, as it would cater to the younger demographic and future of America. The older justices risk decrepitude which negatively affects their ability to competently decide on court jurisdictions. Having ritualized idealism is another negative connotation associated with older justices- the younger justices are more focuses while some like Harry Blackmun who was 85 as a Supreme Court Justice was on “autopilot”. Lastly, the older the justices become the more lackadaisical they are. Each year they dwindle down on the amount of full opinions they have and they delegate the majority of their petitions to law clerks allowing them to stay on the bench…

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