The Constitutional Principle Of The Rule Of Law Essay examples

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The rule of law is one of the key constitutional principles that help’s to ensure fairness and democracy in the UK’s constitution. The basic definition of the rule of law is that nobody can override the law; everyone and anyone must obey the law in its full entirety. The rule of law holds an important role in the constitution. However, the concept is something that cannot be easily defined and is subject to change as society evolves. This constitutional principle matters because society needs to be able to uphold a strong balance between regulation and structure. The rule of law has no single meaning and is considered to be a moral principle, which when taken into consideration will mean something different to each individual.

Sovereignty is defined as greatest dominion or justification with this in mind we take into consideration that Parliamentary dominion is a beginning of the UK texture. It makes Parliament the supreme licit authority in the UK, which can create or close any law. Generally, the compliment cannot overrule its legislation and no Parliament can pass Pentateuch that coming Parliaments cannot change. Parliamentary independence is the most important part of the UK formation, and this means that, unlike in the United States, no courtyard, including the utmost civility, can advance down legislation happen by Parliament. That being above-mentioned, what precisely amounts to expound law is up for debate. The Human Rights Act empowers civility to read…

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