Essay The Constitutional Freedom Of America

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Edwards Barrientos


The Constitution was written to insure men follow the rules and laws of the United States. If these rules are followed than the constitution gives us the right to be called citizens of this great nation. The framers knew even from the beginning of this nation that men needed to be governed, but not like the way King George was governing men. Not by taxation without representation, not by a tyrant thousands of miles away. The framers knew that forming a new government within the old government would eventually lead to war, for what they were doing was treason. Sure enough the war came and went and Americans were giving their freedom. But in reality how free were we? It almost seem like we were trading a tyrant thousands of miles away for hundreds of tyrants just miles away.
This is something I totally agree with. The way the Constitution was set up to control men without saying it. But men must be controlled or there would be chaos everywhere. A Democracy was without a doubt the best method of government the framers could have chosen to govern this nation, in my own opinion. This leads us to the Constitution. The document that explains what America really is and one of the oldest documents and most preserved. In my opinion I agree with all of the Amendments. They all symbolize what this country is, from freedom of speech and peaceful assembly to right to counsel. The Constitution gives us…

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