Essay on The Constitutional Convention

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During the Constitutional Convention in 1787 all agreed it was essential to avoid democratic systems at the state level and create a strong central government, soon subliminal differences concerning domestic and foreign policies came into sight. In the late 1790s, it was apparent that a two-party system was materializing. One group, the Federalists, majorly supported by Alexander Hamilton, supported a strong federal government, where the government would directly intervene in economic policies foreign and domestic. The other partisan that began to emerge was the Jeffersonian Republicans, or Democratic-Republicans. Thomas Jefferson led this party, emphasizing individual rights, insisting on small federal governments.
Federalists like Alexander Hamilton and John Adams believed that promoting social stability would best preserve the people’s liberties and this stability could only be achieved if the government promoted the self-interests of wealthy farmers, merchants, and manufacturers. This stand point was based around the idea that government serving a few would benefit all. This notion attracted wealthy citizens with primarily commercial and manufacturing interests. Federalists also favored a National Band, Tariffs, and Good Relations with Britain because of its political stability and its close ties to American trade. They supported Implied Powers and more conservative views. The Federalist party had a strong presence in the northern states with limited presences in…

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