The Constitutional Convention That Have A Lasting Impact On The American People

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The Constitutional Convention that took place in n1787 laid the foundation of a country that would have a large impact on the world. The arguments and proposals created at the Constitutional Convention would have a lasting impact on the American people. Our recreation of the Constitutional Convention attempted to shed light on the background and situations surrounding the original men at the 1787 Convention. The Constitutional Convention held in our class was strikingly different compared to the 1787 Convention due to differences in composition and results between our convention and the original. Our class convention took place during the week January 25th. The class split into six different groups: planters, merchant bankers, farmers, laborers, free blacks, and women. Each group had different goals and background defining their beliefs. Throughout the convention, I was a planter. As a planter, my primary goal was to ensure my wealth, held in the form of land, was kept stable (ID Planters 2015). This goal dictated our position in the different burning issues. The first burning issue that was covered was what was to be done with fugitive slaves. This issue was incredibly important to us because each of us has more than 30 slaves and would be hard pressed to find workers without them. We proposed a bill stating that “Fugitive Slaves remain as property and must be returned to the state/owner, at the cost of the owner” This bill resulted in a voting tie twice, and…

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