The Constitutional Convention Of The United States Essay

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Political parties formed, disbanded and evolved into something more following the Constitutional Convention. Every couple of years there is an emergence of new political parties as well as the downfall of other political parties. In Washington 's Farewell Address, he advised not to split up into political parties because he believed it would cause an irreparable divide in the county (Washington 's Farewell Address). Due to the fact that no one heeded his advice and allowed a political agenda to divide the country, the Constitutional Convention propelled the United States into ever-evolving political parties leading up to the Civil War. In 1787, the Constitutional Convention occurred when delegates representing every state (except Rhode Island) called a conference in order to discuss what changes could be made in the Articles of Confederation, which was the first form of a governing document, ratified in 1781. The Articles of Confederation meant that states would remain independent and Congress would act as a last resort on appeals, Congress was also given the power to to make treaties and create alliances as well as maintain the military and money (Articles of Confederation). There was a need for reform because there was no strong central government which meant problems for the masses. This was the first glimpse of political parties in the United States. In 1798, a letter from Rhomas Jefferson to John Wise, Jefferson spoke franklily by saying: "It is now well understood…

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