The Constitutional Authority For Executive Orders On Immigration Is Clear

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Bias is defined as prejudice against or in favor of a person, group, or thing. Although bias presents an issue across academic fields and social interactions, it can be especially dangerous in the context of news and media. In the media, bias is problematic because it may lead a writer or reporter to push specific political, educational, or ideological influences onto the public, which is an issue when the public, in turn, does not question the sources of information before adopting the beliefs. For example, three opinion pieces, on which the succeeding discussion is focused, are from the New York Times and were published on November 18th, 2014, which was only two days before President Obama’s address to the nation regarding his decision to pursue executive order to protect countless undocumented immigrants. The first of the opinion pieces, “The Constitutional Authority for Executive Orders on Immigration is Clear”, is written by Eric Posner, a Yale graduate, professor at the University of Chicago’s Law School, and co-author of The Executive Unbound. Additionally, as of 2014, Posner was named the fourth most cited legal scholar in the United States, according to a methodology devised by Brian Leiter, a fellow legal scholar and American philosopher at the University of Chicago. Rather than focusing on the human intricacies of this debate, Posner discusses the legality of Obama’s expected executive order, or rather, why the legality of such a matter is irrelevant. Though…

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