Essay about The Constitution The Legislative Branch

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In the Constitution the Legislative branch is the most drawn out by the founding fathers, it was four pages of the constitution, as they went into more detail with what congress could and could not do; this was done because at the time, there was great fear of one branch becoming too powerful, especially the law making branch. The founding fathers also made it clear what the legislative branch was in control of so it would be definitive for the individual states to know what they could and could not do, and what powers were specifically controlled at the federal level; which was also a hot topic during that time. Although it seems to be the most powerful branch of our government, the law making branch, it only holds certain powers for instance, congress can collect and levy taxes, declare war, regulate commerce with foreign entities, borrow money, raise and support an army, coin money and so on, but there is one clause within the powers defined by the constitution, which gives congress he flexibility, but also controversy as to what they can and cannot do; this is known as the “necessary and proper” or elastic” clause. The elastic clause is a clause which allows congress to make laws which would be vital, but not necessarily stated within the constitution, or to keep the constitution and the previously mentioned powers upheld. This clause has been at times generously interpreted by the supreme court allowing it to be interpreted differently depending upon the situation.…

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