The Constitution Of The United States Essay

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The Constitution of the United States may need reforming to some individuals and to others it may not need reforming. The founders designed the Constitution with the intent that it would be changed over time. The founders thus, created a government that was efficient for America in 1789. They designed a government for a tiny nation and they assumed that, as society changed, future generations would change the Constitution to meet new and evolving needs. Unfortunately, future generations didn’t do that as time passed. Instead, as the generations passed the people of those generations put the Constitution on a metaphorical pedestal to be worshipped. This in turn has hindered many individuals and what society needs now is a new healthier Constitution.
As for the power of the Presidency, Presidential power has shifted over time, which has resulted in claims that the modern presidency has become too powerful. Regarding the expansion or recession of the Power of the Presidency it should be decreased. Since, Congress retains the right to set taxes and budgets this gives them the most influence in the delegation process, but when any person can step into the role of President and push through immense change, there is need for re-balancing. For example, how the founders supported the idea of checks and balances. Overall, if Congress continues to utilize an ambiguous tone with their legislation then the role of the Executive will continue to grow until it will become the most…

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